Pedro Antón

The concept Pedro Anton was born in 1970 with the aim of achieving a perfect balance between quality of materials, fashion content, attention to detail and excellent service.

We live, dream, design and manufacture in Alicante, Spain.

Our designs are characterized by our Mediterranean lifestyle and the quality of the raw materials we source from the best workshops and local suppliers.

We make limited production collections, with a controlled manufacturing process from the beginning to the end in our factory in La Hoya-Elche. Giving rise to shoes that are destined to last over time and become essential for every woman who values ​​quality above all.

Our collections are in constant renovation, and constantly seeking to redefine the concept of «exclusivity» with hints of minimalism and touches of visual irony.

There are no secrets, there is a lot of passion and a lot of work in each of our collections and projects.